Newspaper headlines: Cabinet split over Green and Meghan-mania

The Daily Mail's main headline talks of the Tories being "at war with the police" in the row over a computer in Damian Green's parliamentary office.

According to the Daily Mirror, there are growing calls for Mr Green to be sacked.

But the Times says Theresa May's team is split over the future of her deputy, with a Cabinet minister and a "senior number 10 figure" pushing for him to be dismissed - and the Brexit Secretary David Davis saying he will resign if that happens.

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His threat is the lead in the i newspaper, which talks of Mr Davis putting a "protective cloak" around Damian Green.

According to Melanie McDonagh in the Spectator, Damian Green's private life is not a police matter. And it is not for retired officers to grandstand about how shocked they are at dirty pictures.

'Startling breakthrough'

Several lead on what the Daily Telegraph describes as "a dramatic day in Washington".

It sees the willingness of President Trump's sacked national security adviser, Michael Flynn, to work with investigators as more significant than his admission that he lied to the FBI about his contacts with Russia.

The Guardian calls it "a startling breakthrough for prosecutors".

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According to the Independent, the FBI investigation has linked Russia to the White House.

Huffpost calls it an "extraordinary development".

"Considering all of the additional charges Flynn could have faced in connection with his overseas dealings," it says, "the fact that he is facing only one charge is an indication that Flynn is offering significant cooperation and information."

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Tariffs on the mind

The Guardian says the European Union is exploring a punishment clause in any future trade deal to stop the UK gaining a commercial advantage by moving away from EU regulations.

The paper reports Brussels would respond to any such moves by slapping tariffs on British goods.

The Guardian says its information comes from "multiple EU sources" and using tariffs to keep the UK aligned with EU regulations is "featuring prominently in the minds of EU officials".

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The Financial Times reports that hundreds of steel workers have been lured by financial advisers to transfer out of their British Steel pension funds at Port Talbot and Scunthorpe with £25m flowing through one adviser who is now under investigation.

Financial advisers descended, the paper says, after Tata Steel said it would offload the British Steel scheme into the Pension Protection Fund set up by the government.

There is a picture in the Daily Express of a £1bn Royal Navy destroyer heading for Portsmouth - or "limping home" as the paper puts it.

HMS Diamond was forced to cut short a tour of the Gulf after its propulsion system failed. The Express says it's the latest setback to the "Daring class" destroyers.

Royal megastar

The Sun leads on what it calls the Meghan-mania during the visit to Nottingham by Prince Harry and his fiancee, Meghan Markel.

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The crowds went wild, it says, and labels the royal bride-to-be a "megastar".

The Daily Express says she has the "regal touch".

A body language expert tells the Daily Star that Prince Harry and Meghan make "the perfect double act".

However, it is not just the red tops that go as wild at the crowds in Nottingham yesterday over the royal bride-to-be. Ms Markle is also on the front of the Daily Telegraph, Times and Guardian.

And the Financial Times has a profile, written by a political correspondent, Henry Mance, in which he observes that the engagement has "brought a fresh burst of royal sunshine".