Newspaper headlines: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'so in love'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image caption The couple announced their engagement in November

Many of the papers lead on the loved up images of newly engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Daily Express believes they're the most sensuous photos ever released by the Royal Family and bring Hollywood glamour to the House of Windsor.

For the Daily Star, they are the sauciest.

The couple's affectionate embraces and flashy attire are a far cry from the austere images of previous royal generations, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Mirror also believes such intimacy is very rare in a photo featuring the royal family.

But the cost of the dress is what the Daily Mail chooses to highlight, its £56,000 price tag is equivalent to a three-bedroom house in Hull - the Sun says - or double the average UK salary.

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Meanwhile, the fallout from the sacking of Damian Green is reported by some of the papers.

"Cops in the dock" is a headline in the Sun - a view reflected on the front of the Telegraph and the Times amid the row over the police and their involvement in his case.

The Telegraph reports that there's a growing Tory backlash against the police.

It quotes Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as saying that the episode had "the slight feeling of a vendetta" against Mr Green.

Hunt in the running?

The Times says the Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents rank and file officers, has also turned on the former detectives. Its chairman tells the paper that their actions were "abhorrent".

But the Sun reckons the former first secretary of state's resignation won't dent the PM as most voters don't even know who he is.

According to a poll by the paper, some members of the public had mistaken Mr Green for a Star Wars actor or a school caretaker.

The 'i' newspaper quotes cabinet colleagues of Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt as saying he's "on manoeuvres" to take over from Mr Green as Theresa May's deputy.

He may become increasingly important to Mrs May, the Guardian says, given her dwindling number of allies in the cabinet.

Image caption The Home Office has announced it will scrap the EU's burgundy passports after Brexit

Amid the political in-house issues, Brexit is still high on the agenda with the Financial Times claiming a skeleton deal could be on the table by the middle of next year.

The paper says the EU is preparing to present the UK with a "take it or leave it" trade agreement if Britain fails to clarify its demands.

But such a proposal would fall far short of what Britain is hoping for - the paper adds - with limited single market access for service industries that make up a large part of the UK economy.

The Sun claims the credit for the decision to bring back the traditional blue British passport. The EU's burgundy version was "forced on the nation" after 1988, it says.

'"Bi-polar" result'

And finally, newspapers in Spain reflect on last night's snap regional election in Catalonia in which pro-independence parties won a majority in the regional parliament.

The Catalan-based El Periodico calls it a "bi-polar" result after the Citizens party, which wants Catalonia to remain a semi-autonomous part of Spain, emerged with the highest number of seats.

El Mundo - which is based in Madrid - acknowledges that the ballot called by Spain's prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has failed to halt the drive towards Catalan independence.