Newspaper headlines: Fox hunting U-turn and health wealth gap

By BBC News


The Observer leads with the conclusions of a study by the Nuffield Trust, which finds that children from poor families are far more likely to end up in A&E departments, or need emergency treatment for conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

Experts tell the paper that education, diet and the pressures of living on the breadline mean poor children often end up in hospital when their health problems could have been headed off earlier.

One of the report's authors tells the paper he's also seeing children with rickets "on a fairly regular basis, something which should be a Victorian illness".

The Department of Health says progress in reducing emergency admissions for disadvantaged children has been made, but more needs to be done, the paper adds.

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image captionExiled Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont claimed victory for Catalonia's independence movement after Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy's Popular Party was crushed in snap regional elections

The Sunday Times focuses on last week's elections in Catalonia, declaring that the prize for the most ill-judged electoral call of 2017 was Theresa May's "by a distance", until the Spanish prime minister pipped her at the post.

It says Mariano Rajoy had hoped the new poll would crush Catalonia's independence movement but, instead, it was his own centre-right Popular Party that was crushed.

The Sun on Sunday reports that the former Beatle, Ringo Starr, is to be knighted in the New Year's Honours, 52 years after getting his MBE.

The drummer is being recognised for services to music and charity. A friend tell the paper the honour is "richly deserved... if a little overdue".

Finally, there's plenty of last-minute advice on how to survive Christmas with the in-laws.

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The Sunday Express has tips for Prince Harry's fiancee, Meghan Markle, who'll join the Royal Family for its traditional Christmas Eve festivities at Sandringham.

Noting that the royals usually exchange jokey, inexpensive gifts, the paper hopes the actress will have been advised not to splash out on costly presents.

One person in no danger of doing so is Rick Broad from Devon. For the past 15 years, he has treated his long-suffering wife, Sam, to "useful" gifts including bin bags, paracetemol, car de-icer and WD40.

She tells The Daily Star she's now used to her husband's less-than-romantic offerings. "Even the bad presents are always wrapped with great care," she says.

"Christmas wouldn't be the same without them."

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A photograph in The Sunday Telegraph shows a survivor of the flash floods in the Philippines desperately clinging to a rope trailing from a rescue dinghy, as brown water surges around him.

The New York Times describes how boulders, some as big as cars, were washed down by the floods.

The Manila Times says the tropical storm left "a grim trail of death and devastation", while a civil defence official tells The Philippine Star that lives were lost because some warnings to evacuate went unheeded.

One man tells The Philippines Daily Inquirer that his family had to run more than a mile to reach safety: "I saw the rampaging river and huge logs being carried away... then I saw the current rushing towards me."