Newspaper headlines: Briton in 'hell' jail and shoplifting 'boom'

Laura Plummer Image copyright Plummer family
Image caption Laura Plummer has been jailed for three years in Egypt

The Daily Telegraph says retailers have accused ministers and the police of helping to spark a shoplifting boom.

It claims most forces no longer pursue thieves who steal less than £200 worth of goods unless staff have been threatened with violence.

The paper says more minor offenders are dealt with by post - leading to, in effect, the decriminalisation of shoplifting.

The Times says hundreds of British fighters who joined the Islamic State group are believed to be hiding in Turkey following the group's defeat in Iraq and Syria.

It says British security sources are concerned the jihadists will try to return home and carry out attacks.

"Our girl will die in hellhole jail" is the Daily Mirror's front page headline.

The paper highlights the case of Laura Plummer, the British woman jailed for three years in Egypt for smuggling painkillers.

The Mirror says her family fears she won't survive conditions in one of Egypt's most notorious prisons.

"Nanny State Strikes Again" declares the Daily Mail's headline.

It says health officials in England are urging people to cut their calorie intake at meal-times to just 1,600 a day, well below current guidelines.

As the Financial Times points out, the sales season may have kicked off yesterday with fewer bargain-hunters hitting the high street than last year.

But queues at the checkout are still inevitable, and the Guardian has advice for shoppers: switching lanes will get you nowhere fast.

American researchers found that people who do change have to wait 10% longer to be served than if they'd stayed put.

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The Guardian leads with a report that the chancellor is under pressure to publish confidential documents setting out how a series of possible Brexit outcomes, including no deal, would affect the economy.

The paper says 25 Labour MPs have written to Philip Hammond demanding he release the studies after he told a parliamentary committee that the work had been done.

The former Conservative deputy prime minister, Lord Heseltine, is in the headlines for suggesting that Brexit could be more damaging to Britain than a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

The Daily Mail says the country has long grown used to Lord Heseltine's "starry-eyed love affair with the EU" - but after his latest comment, the paper says it's surely time to summon the men in white coats.

Under the front page headline "The PC Brigade", the Sun claims that military top brass have ordered troops to use gender-neutral words at a top training base in Oxfordshire.

It says terms such as "sportsmanship" and "mankind" have been banned amid fears they upset women and transgender groups.

The Daily Telegraph reports that genetically engineered horses - designed to be faster, stronger and better jumpers - will be born within two years.

It says the breakthrough was made by scientists in Argentina who've already cloned polo ponies.

And finally, the Times reveals that Dennis the Menace - for decades the ultimate naughty schoolboy who traumatised his neighbours and parents - is a reformed character.

The makers of the Beano comic say he's put his menacing ways behind him and should be known simply as Dennis.