Newspaper headlines: Trump 'genius' and cabinet reshuffle

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The US is "convulsed" by an "extraordinary furore" over Donald Trump's mental stability, according to the Observer.

The paper leads with the president's dismissal of claims made in a book by the journalist Michael Wolff that insiders doubt his capacity for the role.

The Washington Post describes how Mr Trump issued, in its words, "a tweetstorm of boasts" in response.

The website Politico calls Mr Trump's counter attack "extraordinary", saying his personal behaviour has become his administration's defining feature.

A commentator in the Sydney Morning Herald says the row has softened the blow that the Game of Thrones final series won't arrive until next year.

"There's more than enough intrigue and backstabbing in Washington to keep us entertained," he says.

Winners and losers

Several of Sunday's papers speculate about the winners and losers in next week's cabinet reshuffle.

The Sunday Telegraph says that Education Secretary Justine Greening is "fighting for her job" as Theresa May wants to convince voters that the Conservatives are the party of education.

The Independent also thinks Ms Greening is vulnerable, along with Business Secretary Greg Clarke and the Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom.

But the Sun on Sunday says it will be a "soft-shoe reshuffle" and all the "big beasts", as it calls them, are safe.

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Image caption Justine Greening is rumoured to be out of her role at the Department for Education

The Sunday Mirror says the current Skills Minister, Anne Milton - a former NHS nurse - is tipped to take over from Jeremy Hunt as health secretary, with insiders telling the paper he will be promoted to home secretary.

The Sunday Times says Mrs May wants to use the reshuffle to make the Tories look more "like the diverse, modern country they lead".

A source has told the Daily Mirror that Whitehall is too "stale, male, and pale", with the Mail on Sunday saying Mrs May is expected to promote more women and those from non-white backgrounds, with an emphasis on youth.

But the Independent says that Downing Street has described the reports as "speculation" and "guesswork".

Parole review

Anger hasn't gone away about the imminent release from prison of the serial sex offender, John Worboys.

Theresa May has ordered a review of parole hearings, according to the Sunday Express, following a public outcry.

The Daily Star Sunday says the former taxi driver has become a Christian behind bars and believes God has forgiven him.

But the Sun accuses him of "playing the system", helping other prisoners to show he was rehabilitated. The paper says "taxpayers are being taken for a ride by evil men".

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Image caption Tributes to George Michael are causing problems, according to the papers

Memorials to the singer George Michael are causing discord around the country.

The Sunday People reports that plans for a statue in Goring-on-Thames - the Oxfordshire village where he died - have been rejected for being too vague.

A parish councillor says she fears stirring up a "hornets nest" of resistance among reluctant locals.

The Observer says similar proposals for a monument outside the star's London home have been called "problematic" by the Highgate Society.

Battle memorial

There are greater hopes that a national memorial to the 50,000 allied servicemen and merchant sailors killed in the Battle of the Atlantic can go ahead.

The Mail on Sunday says an appeal is being launched to raise £2.5m for a sculpture in Liverpool, where the commanders of the Second World War offensive were based.