Newspaper headlines: 'JumBoJo jet' and Gove attacks Hammond

Tributes left for bombing victims Image copyright AFP

Commemorations of the Manchester Arena bombing feature on a number of front pages. The front page of the i shows people observing a minute's silence, accompanied by the headline "united we stand". The word united features in much of the coverage.

The Guardian talks of the city uniting in grief and music to commemorate the victims. The Daily Express describes Manchester as a city united in the face of sickening cowardice, while the Daily Mirror says it was united in love for the lost and for life.

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The Daily Telegraph reports that the Grenfell Tower inquiry descended into chaos yesterday as a woman collapsed and people fled the room in tears when footage of the burning building was shown without warning. The Guardian believes the incident highlighted just how raw emotions are less than a year after the fire, and the challenge facing the inquiry team and the survivors. The Times supports the decision to allow relatives to describe the impact the disaster has had on them. The personal testimonies, argues the paper, will remind the retired judge and his panel, and the rest of the country, that this was more than a technical tragedy.

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According to the Financial Times, Marks and Spencer decided to step up its shop closure programme after finding that a high proportion of customers tended to use alternative branches rather than abandoning the brand altogether when their local store shut. Nils Pratley in the Guardian questions whether the company's plans to reduce floor space devoted to clothing and homeware go far enough, when it expects a third of its sales to be online by 2022.

Boris Johnson's suggestion that ministers should get a new plane is given short shrift by the Mirror. The foreign secretary says the aircraft could help them drum up business globally as Britain prepares for Brexit. The paper accuses him of delusions of grandeur and of completely losing the plot. But a source close to Mr Johnson said it was incorrect to say he wanted his own plane.

Finally, the Daily Mail tells how a couple, who divorced four decades ago because of her love for her 10 cats, have remarried, even though she now has 40 of them. Trevor Howes says he decided to get back in touch with his former wife, Marlene, after seeing a television programme about her. He is now more relaxed about the pets, but for the time being they will live separately, with his home about 30 miles away. However he's confessed that he's now open to the idea of them sharing a house.