Newspaper headlines: World trade 'war' and Poldark returns

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The US imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from the EU, Canada and Mexico is the main story for several papers.

For the i, it's "World trade war looms as Trump hits allies with tariffs".

For the Times, there is nothing good to be said of it. It will damage economic relations between the US and three of its biggest trading partners, but also harm the US economy by raising prices of imports.

In the Telegraph's view, industrial protectionism may be popular with Trump supporters, but it is ultimately self-defeating.

The Daily Mirror says Brexiteers need to explain how easily we will be able to stand up to US bullying once we leave the EU - and whether they still believe we can get a favourable trade deal from a protectionist president.

The Financial Times says the decision sets the stage for a round of tit-for-tat tariffs among some of the world's largest economies just days ahead of the G7 summit in Canada.

In Canada, the Vancouver Sun reports that Ottawa is imposing its own tariffs on a long list of US products that includes everything from flat-rolled steel to playing cards and felt-tipped pens.

According to the Sun, David Davis plans to break the Brexit deadlock by giving Northern Ireland joint UK and EU status, plus a border buffer zone.

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Under the blueprint, Northern Ireland would operate a joint regime of EU and British regulations so it can trade freely with both.

In its leader column, the Sun describes the plan as imaginative, but says it fears Mr Davis is wasting his energy. Brussels will bin it in seconds, it warns.

Holy grail

The Daily Telegraph leads with a new blood test that scientists say is able to detect 10 types of cancer several years before a person falls ill.

It says the breakthrough is being hailed as a major step towards the "holy grail" of curing cancer.

US trials on 1,400 patients found the simple procedure to identify DNA markers worked with up to 90% accuracy. It could become available on the NHS within five years, the paper adds.

"Thank you!" is the headline in the Daily Express - conveying the sentiments of a nurse with terminal cancer after the paper's readers raised tens of thousands of pounds to pay for a life-extending drug that's not available on the NHS.

The paper says the therapy for bowel cancer has given Laura Harris - a 43-year-old mother of three from Barnstaple in Devon - extra precious time with her family.

He's back

In an address to nursery leaders in London, Amanda Spielman will highlight the rising number of pre-school children who are not taught basic speech or hygiene.

The paper says it is a damning verdict on the standard of some modern-day parenting.

Finally, a picture of a bare-chested Aidan Turner - the Poldark actor - emerging from the Cornish surf in just a pair of breeches - is on most front pages.

The Daily Mail says that ever since that scene of him scything topless in the first series of the BBC period drama, fans have been desperate for another glimpse of Turner's toned torso.

The actor - who plays Captain Ross Poldark - is quoted in the Daily Mirror as saying of his latest exposure: "It was pretty cold. It was September and it wasn't pleasant."

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