Newspaper headlines: Cabinet Brexit agreement and England match preparations

Image caption Theresa May met with her cabinet at Chequers on Friday

Most newspapers lead with Theresa May's statement on the Cabinet agreement at Chequers over the UK's future trading relationship with the EU.

'May takes back control' is the headline in the i while for the Financial Times it's 'May wins backing for 'soft' Brexit after facing down cabinet rebels'.

The Times says it understands the prime minister has promised senior allies that she will sack Boris Johnson if he seeks to undermine the Brexit deal. According to the paper, Mrs May is said to have been uncompromising as she confronted her ministers.

But the Daily Telegraph says her supporters fear that if the deal is rejected by the right wing of the Tory Party, she could face a no-confidence vote within days. The Spectator website says the fear in Brexiteer circles is that Mrs May has laid all her cards on the table and has little left to give away. By the time the negotiations are through - it goes on - her plans could well be even softer.

'A nation awaits', The Guardian declares - as front page banners look ahead to England's World Cup quarter final clash and point readers to pull-out supplements inside.

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'It's time Gentlemen, please!' is The Sun's back page headline - and the paper points out that the last time England played a World Cup game at 15:00 on a Saturday afternoon was in... 1966. The cry from the i is: 'Let the Three Lions roar'. It says England are bringing the country together in the quest for World Cup glory.

Gareth Southgate and his young, diverse bunch of players have helped the nation fall back in love with football again, it adds. For The Guardian, the Swedish team will no doubt provide stiff opposition, yet something feels different, it says. There's an inkling this England squad has hidden depths.

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Image caption England will play Sweden in the World Cup quarter final at 15:00 BST

The continuing heatwave in many parts of the country is a big topic for all the papers. The Sun reports that United Utilities - which serves North West England - has warned that a hosepipe ban is days away because demand for water is so high.

The Daily Mirror says the intense heat has turned parks, moors and fields into barren landscapes. The Daily Mail says melting tarmac has led to a number of incidents around the country - including a bin lorry in Berkshire sinking into the road. The Express reports that the longest heatwave since 1976 will bring the hottest temperatures of the year this weekend - with the mercury set to hit 33C London and the South East.

Finally, keen observers of the daily press will be aware of the long-standing hostility between the Guardian and the Daily Mail who stand at opposite ends of the political, economic and social spectrums. But there's praise for the former editor of the Guardian, Peter Preston - who died earlier this year - from none other than the Mail's editor, Paul Dacre.

The Guardian reports that Mr Dacre paid what it calls a surprisingly fond tribute at a memorial service for Mr Preston - describing him as "a hero of mine" and "a very great man of print". Mr Dacre told the congregation that politics apart, it was not fanciful to say that Mr Preston would have made a great editor of the Daily Mail.

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