Newspaper headlines: Police chief plea and airport drink crackdown

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The Daily Mail and the Times lead on the call by the chairwoman of the National Police Chief's Council, Sara Thornton, for a re-focus on core policing.

Ms Thornton told a conference she is opposed to suggestions that misogyny should be classed as a hate crime.

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"At last," says the Daily Mail's headline, "a police chief who wants to catch criminals". In a Mail article, a former Scotland Yard chief superintendent says it is "criminal" that the Met is "giving up on burglars" - but has 900 "anti-hate experts".

The Daily Telegraph says the government needs to take a long, hard look at its policing priorities or explain to voters why crime is rising.

'Dirty money'

"Brits face the end of round-the-clock boozing at airports, under plans for a government crackdown," the Sun tells its readers.

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It says the Home Office is to launch a review into whether High Street licensing laws should be extended into UK departure halls and terminals.

Restaurants, pubs and duty-free shops could apparently be forced to delay selling alcohol until 10am.

Elsewhere, Security Minister Ben Wallace has been talking to the Guardian about the government's plans for a crackdown on economic crime - against those who "profit from moving dirty money".

It will target those estate agents, solicitors and accountants who are said to facilitate £100bn worth of money laundering. Private schools, football clubs and luxury car dealers will also come under scrutiny.

According to the i, at least three universities are on the verge of bankruptcy - one in north-west England and two on the south coast.

The paper says they have been hit by a "perfect storm" of increased competition for students, falling numbers of 18-year-olds and tighter immigration controls on international students.

The paper says growing numbers of institutions are resorting to short-term financial loans "just to survive".

Minister 'furious'

The Daily Telegraph says it has learned that a minister is on the brink of resignation, after the government delayed plans to cut the maximum stake for fixed-odds betting terminals from £100 to £2.

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The Telegraph suggests the sports minister is on the brink of resignation

Sports Minister Tracey Crouch is said to be "furious" after it was announced in the budget that the change would be delayed six months, until October next year.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith tells the paper that he too is "deeply concerned" as the machines are causing real harm.

Downing Street says it is balancing bringing in the change with protecting those who work in the industry.

The suggestion by the Brexit Secretary, Dominic Rabb, in a letter to MPs that a deal for the UK to withdraw from the EU could be finalised within three weeks is the lead in the Daily Express.

However, according to HuffPo, Mr Raab's department appeared to row back later, issuing a statement saying: "There is no set date for the negotiations to conclude".

'Not before time'

The Daily Telegraph leads on a US study of 40 million births which has found that babies fathered by men over the age of 45 are more likely to suffer a host of health problems.

A male fertility expert tells the paper he believes it is important to teach schoolboys to add fatherhood to their life-career plan.

Insurance companies come under fire, after the Financial Conduct Authority announced an investigation into alleged exploitation of loyal customers.

"Not before time," says the Daily Mirror. "The FCA must not just go through the motions. Customers are being ripped off. A failure to act would rip them off again."

The Daily Mail says it has been highlighting the "scandalous" conduct of insurance firms overcharging loyal customers for years. The inquiry, it says, is "hugely encouraging".