Newspaper headlines: Trump 'sticks the boot in' on Brexit deal

Theresa May is under pressure to give Tory MPs a date for her departure - to secure their support for her Brexit deal, according to the Times.

The paper says unnamed Whitehall sources have apparently claimed that a promise from Mrs May to quit soon after Brexit day on 29 March next year would pacify Tories, including senior ministers, who want Britain to push for a Canada-style agreement.

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Buzzfeed says Mrs May has set up a 70-strong communications hub at the Cabinet Office, known as Project Vote, to campaign to get her deal through Parliament.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail leads on President Trump's claim that Mrs May's plan could scupper a US trade deal, under the headline "Trump puts the boot into May."

The paper says "there are suspicions he was influenced by his friend Nigel Farage who is strongly opposed to the agreement".

"The timing could hardly have been worse for Mrs May," the Daily Telegraph says. "It hands her critics a powerful weapon" and "could torpedo the prime minister's hopes of getting Parliament's backing".

Mrs May has used an interview in the Sun to challenge Jeremy Corbyn to a live Brexit TV debate.

The paper says Downing Street is looking at Sunday 9 December, the same night as the final of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

It bills the possible viewing clash as the "rumble and the jungle". Mrs May told the paper: "I have got a plan. He hasn't got a plan". Labour has said Mr Corbyn would relish a debate.

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The seizure of three Ukrainian navy vessels by Russia off the coast of Crimea is condemned in an editorial in the Times, which speaks of a deliberate provocation by Moscow.

It is vital the West speaks loudly and with one voice to insist that Russia gives Ukrainian ships unhindered access to Ukrainian ports, the paper says.

The Daily Telegraph accuses President Putin of "wanton disregard for international law".

'Life and death crisis'

Foodbanks are braced for record demand this Christmas as Universal Credit plunges more people into poverty, according to the lead in the Daily Mirror.

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"Shameful," says the paper's headline as it calls on the Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd, to repair what it calls "the holes punched in the welfare state by her party".

And according to the Daily Express, a report suggesting cancer patients are "dying in their thousands" because of poor detection rates "shames us all".

It's a "scandal" the paper says, "quite literally a life and death crisis".

It says funding restraints and general pressures on the NHS have played their part, but responsibility also rests with patients and their families with many people reluctant to take simple tests.


The lead story in the Times says a council invited a jailed sex offender to play a part in the future of the child of a woman he raped.

The man - part of a grooming gang - has no parental responsibility for his son, the paper says, but the local authority gave him a chance to seek visits from the boy.

The Ministry of Justice says it is investigating whether the move was the result of a social worker's error, or systemic failings.

The Independent website leads on figures from the Institute for Fiscal Studies on graduate pay.

It says that at least 130,000 men enrol on degree courses each year which leave them earning less aged 29 than men who avoid higher education altogether.

The Daily Mail features the case of a 28 year old who has a masters degree in literature and media - but is working as a Deliveroo rider. He suggests degrees have been devalued "because so many people do them".

Finally, several newspaper websites have been updated with tributes to Conservative peer Baroness Trumpington, who has died aged 96.

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All recall the non-Churchillian V-sign flicked at a peer who referred to her age in a Lords debate.

The Sun says the former Bletchley Park code breaker was best remembered for her outspoken views and her refusal to conform.

"Ma'am, we salute you," says the Daily Express.