Newspaper headlines: Fears for footballer and Brexit 'splits'

A People's Vote campaigner outside Parliament Image copyright Getty Images

The Daily Telegraph leads on a warning about the dangers of using aspirin to prevent heart disease.

It reports that a large-scale review of people taking the drug has found it "substantially" increased the risk of dangerous internal bleeding and recommends it should only be taken on doctors' advice.

The Times explains that thousands of healthy people take a daily aspirin, because past studies have found some benefit in reduced heart attacks, strokes or even cancer.

The website Buzzfeed reports on what it calls "infighting and splits" in the People's Vote campaign, which seeks another EU referendum. The article says MPs have told it that the Labour Party is being "turned off" a second referendum because of the internal rows between Remainers over how to achieve their goals.

Buzzfeed says there's a major disagreement over whether or not to put forward a motion to go for a public vote when the Commons debates Theresa May's revised Brexit plans next week.

The site says that if there is a second referendum, there's a second significant split within People's Vote over whether it should attempt to run the Remain campaign.

The Daily Mail and Huffpost UK report that Mrs May will defy senior Remainers and force her cabinet to keep open the option of a no-deal Brexit, despite threats of ministerial resignations.

The Politics Home website provides one explanation for why the prime minister might take that approach. It reports that grassroots Tories would "mutiny" if Mrs May caved in to pressure to rule out a no-deal Brexit.

Missing plane

The missing footballer Emiliano Sala is pictured on most of the front pages, after the the plane he was on disappeared over the English Channel as he flew to join his new club, Cardiff City.

Image copyright Reuters

The Sun reports that the £15m player had told friends he was afraid the plane wasn't safe.

Metro is one of several papers to show a picture of the Argentinian taken on the aircraft and another with his former teammates just before he left the French club, Nantes. The moment is summed up on various front and back pages as "The Last Goodbye".

The Guardian tells how the Pink Floyd guitarist, Roger Waters, helped reunite a mother with her two children, who were abducted by their father when he joined Islamic State fighters in Syria.

The boys, aged 11 and 7, ended up in the hands of Syrian Democratic forces and were handed over to their mother on Monday. Felicia Perkins-Ferreira had never left Trinidad before and hadn't seen her sons for four years.

Waters, who's pictured with the family, helped get them across the border into Iraq before flying them to Switzerland.

There are plenty of photos of Scamp the police sniffer dog in various papers, including the Daily Mirror.

The springer spaniel has apparently been so successful in finding illegal cigarettes that crime gangs have put a £25,000 bounty on his head.

Scamp's owner Stuart Phillips tells the Daily Star that he has also had death threats and had his car vandalised. Scamp is shown after a raid looking very pleased with himself and standing on a pile of cigarette boxes. According to the Star, he's "top dog".

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