Newspaper headlines: 'Revolt' and quit messages for PM

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The Daily Mail regards the intervention on Brexit by three cabinet ministers - Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clark - as them "publicly serving notice" on Theresa May.

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It says their "no-deal revolt" could be joined by up to 20 junior ministers - and 100 Conservative MPs who, with Labour support, would be certain to defeat Mrs May and force her to delay Brexit.

A source insists they are not issuing an ultimatum to the prime minister, but challenging the hardline European Research Group to support her Brexit deal.

On a high

The i carries reports the shadow chancellor John McDonnell has "extended an olive branch to anti-Brexit Labour MPs who are considering resignation".

It quotes an interview with the Evening Standard, in which he indicates that the party leadership is "moving towards support" for another referendum.

In what it describes as a significant intervention, the Politics Home website says Mr McDonnell has asked backbenchers Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson to redraft their amendment offering support for Theresa May's deal providing there is a fresh public vote on any Brexit deal backed by MPs.

Elsewhere, the Guardian says Brexiteers in the cabinet are pushing for the prime minister to step down after the local elections in May, to allow a new leader to take forward the next phase of the negotiations.

They are said to fear she could be defeated in a vote of no confidence at the end of the year and want her to go out "on a high" if she can deliver her deal and capitalise in the polls.

Heidi Allen - who quit the Conservatives to join the new Independent Group - tells the Independent online that it would support Mrs May in any vote of no confidence. The breakaway MPs are said to have decided "not to do anything that would facilitate a general election".

Several papers carry images of Aaron Campbell - the teenager convicted of murdering six-year-old Alesha MacPhail on the Isle of Bute last July - after a judge allowed him to be named.

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Aaron Campbell will be sentenced on 21 March

He is the "Beast of Bute" in the Daily Mirror and for the Daily Mail, he is the "twisted narcissist" who had killed, skinned and buried cats and become obsessed with the online horror character Slender Man, who abducts children.

Care concerns

According to the Times, Labour is turning to "Tony Blair's old flatmate" - and the former lord chancellor - Lord Falconer to oversee investigations into anti-Semitism claims.

He is said to be preparing to meet Jeremy Corbyn on Monday to discuss his appointment as the party's anti-Semitism surveillance commissioner with a remit to "see everything and talk to everybody" and provide public reports on its handling of complaints.

The Daily Telegraph says it has learned that Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned the prime minister that plans to cap the maximum people will pay for their care in England to £100,0000 will "lead to significant tax rises".

Mr Hancock is said to be "concerned" that the cap is due to be included in a forthcoming Green Paper on social care, believing that it will benefit the well-off and impose a bureaucratic burden on councils.

£80,000 goodie bags

Finally, as Hollywood prepares for Sunday night's Oscars ceremony, the Guardian and the Daily Express have peeked inside the goodie bags the nominees will receive, to ensure no-one goes home empty-handed.

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Preparations are under way for the 91st Academy Awards

And what luxuries can the celebrities expect?

Alongside the lavish holidays and jewellery, the £80,000 of gifts will include phobia therapy sessions, cannabis-infused skincare, a silent wearable breast pump - and a glow-in-the-dark toilet plunger.