Newspaper headlines: Cabinet 'showdown' talks amid election 'threat'

Image caption MPs' failure to back any Brexit proposal leads many of the day's papers. The Daily Telegraph reports that Mrs May will use the "threat" of a general election or long delay to Brexit to get the Tories to back her deal, which has been defeated in the Commons three times. But the prime minister faces an "almost impossible task" to unite the party, or even her cabinet, the paper adds.
Image caption The Times says threatening Brexiteers with a general election unless they back her deal would be a "nuclear option". According to the paper, Mrs May plans to present ministers with internal Tory polling in Tuesday's cabinet meeting when, it adds, they will be told the party lacks the funds to fight a snap election.
Image caption The Brexit "deadlock" will see Mrs May summon her cabinet to Number 10 for a "five-hour showdown" on Tuesday, reports the Guardian. The front page also features a shot of climate change activists, who took off their clothes to stage a protest in the Commons.
Image caption "Rebuttal on Brexit again" puns the Metro's front page, after MPs failed to back one of four options over Brexit and the protest in the Commons' public gallery.
Image caption "It's back to square one!" over Brexit, says the Daily Mail's front page. The paper, which has previously called on MPs to back Mrs May's deal, describes Parliament's failure to agree on a Brexit plan a "farce" and reports on a warning from Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill over how "disastrous" a no-deal would be.
Image caption "April fools" reads the i's front page over a picture of the Commons chamber on Monday night. It says the prime minister will seek cabinet loyalty "amid threats to resign en masse".
Image caption "We voted for Brexit, all you say is no" laments the Daily Express. The paper describes Monday night's events in the Commons "high farce" points out there is 10 days until the UK is currently set to leave the EU.
Image caption The Daily Mirror echoes those sentiments, saying MPs have backed "nothing" over Brexit. It was a night of "division and despair" at Westminster on Monday night, it adds.
Image caption There is - as usual - a different tone to the Daily Star's front page, which reports the Pope saying "Messi isn't God". Some of the clubs fans refer to Messi as "D10S" a combination of the Spanish word for God and the player's shirt number.