Newspaper headlines: Climate protests and Trump probe

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Protester arrested at Oxford CircusImage source, PA

There is growing impatience with the police over their handling of the climate change protests in London in Friday's newspapers.

The Sun describes the Metropolitan Police's inability to clear the demonstrators as a "national embarrassment". Following the protesters' threat to target Heathrow airport, it says it would not be surprised if the police invited them on to the runway for a picnic.

Despite hundreds of arrests, the Times says lawyers for the protesters believe fewer than 10% have been charged. One firm of solicitors tells the paper: "The police give the appearance of being uncoordinated, inconsistent and disproportionate."

The Daily Mail carries a picture of the actress Dame Emma Thompson raising a clenched fist at one of the protests in London. It claims she had flown a "gas-guzzling 5,400 miles to join the demo" from Los Angeles.

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Demonstrators have been holding intermittent blockages on Vauxhall Bridge

Papers on both sides of the Atlantic pore over Robert Mueller's report on alleged collusion between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia during the US presidential election.

Far from being the "complete exoneration" claimed by Mr Trump, the New York Times believes the findings are devastating for the president because they lay out everything Congress needs to investigate him for obstruction of justice.

The Washington Post agrees the report provides a devastating portrait of Mr Trump's behaviour that may invite the beginning of an impeachment inquiry.

In the UK, he Guardian too suggests Mr Mueller has left open the possibility of Mr Trump being liable for prosecution.

But the New York Post offer a different perspective. It accuses the special counsel of "dropping the ball" on the obstruction claim and argues that if he thought a crime had been committed, he should have had the courage of his convictions and recommended charging the president.

The Daily Telegraph also believes that with Mr Trump so comprehensively cleared on the issue of conspiring with Russia, impeachment has dropped off the political agenda.

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The Daily Express has details of what it calls an "NHS battle plan to save millions of lives". It says the health service is declaring war on unfit Britons - with a new drive to get us to do more exercise - as experts warn that laziness is killing one in six of us.

A different threat to health is preoccupying the Telegraph. It highlights a warning by health chiefs about the many dangers facing DIY enthusiasts this bank holiday weekend.

The paper says the NHS is worried about a rise in injuries from the use of power tools and ladders as people are inspired by television home improvement experts to do jobs around the house and garden.

Finally, as the Times points out, Norway is one of the most gender-equal countries in the world, but it seems the rules do not apply at 30,000ft.

The paper reports that the airline Norwegian Air has been criticised after it emerged that all its female flight attendants are required to wear high heels and make-up.

Men, on the other hand, face restrictions on the use of cosmetics and they must not grow their hair over their shirt collar. Norwegian has defended its dress code, saying it was drawn up with input from pilots and cabin crew.