Newspaper headlines: Trump 'eyes NHS' and Johnson's PM pitch

Donald Trump and Theresa May Image copyright PA

The state visit of Donald Trump continues to grab the headlines. Most papers carry pictures of the US president standing alongside Theresa May at a news conference when he made his controversial comments about the NHS.

"Trump demands access to NHS funding as price of Brexit trade deal" is the i's interpretation.

The Guardian adds that Mrs May appeared to explain to Mr Trump what the NHS was, before he said that "everything was on the table".

The Daily Mirror gives its verdict on the comment with the headline "Butt out, Mr President".

The Washington Post notes that even though the president later appeared to have a change of heart, his comments about the NHS have riled politicians on both sides of the political spectrum by touching on one of the most sacrosanct aspects of British life.

With the caption "Meddling Don Steams in" - the Sun claims Mr Trump has caused "havoc" in the Tory leadership race to replace Mrs May.

It says he broke diplomatic protocol by agreeing to meet three of the candidates - Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove - and ignoring the eight others.

Huffpost UK takes a similar line and says the president was in a "playful mood" but spent the day effectively looking over Mrs May's shoulder, "surveying her potential successors".

The Daily Mail reports that the president was snubbed by Boris Johnson so he could make a leadership pitch to more than 80 Tory MPs.

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Image caption Donald Trump has previously said Boris Johnson would be an "excellent" Tory leader

The Mail and the Daily Telegraph both say Mr Johnson's message was that any further delays to Brexit could wipe out the party - and that he was the man to put Nigel Farage "back in his box".

Writing on the New Statesman website, Patrick Maguire says that, on audience numbers, Mr Johnson was the clear winner of the four candidates speaking - attracting more than 100 MPs - while only 42 stayed to hear Andrea Leadsom.

The Times believes Mr Johnson's campaign to become prime minister has received a significant boost - with the backing of a number of moderate MPs it describes as "rising stars".

Most papers feature veterans of the D-Day landings as the 75th anniversary commemorations get under way. The Daily Mirror has pictures of 93-year-old Albert Evans trying out a modern day landing craft off the Dorset coast.

It describes how he hung onto his beret and whooped as the Royal Marine RIB bounced across the waves in high-speed doughnut turns.

The Telegraph has a photo of special forces commando, Lt Jim Booth. It tells how the veteran was beaten with a hammer by an intruder at his home at the age of 96 - but has recovered sufficiently to be at the special events in Portsmouth.

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Image caption Filming for the new James Bond film has been taking place at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire

And the Sun is one of those to cover what it calls a "stunt disaster" on the set of the new James Bond film.

It carries pictures of shattered windows and broken wall panels, which it says were "blown spy-high" with one person hurt.

A source tells the Daily Express that a fireball was supposed to go through the set, when something went "horribly wrong" and adds there was "utter chaos" at the Pinewood studios in Buckinghamshire.