Newspaper headlines: Trump's 'derailing' words and voters' sign-up rush

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The newspapers are split on whether or not Labour was happy about President Trump's jibes

Many of the papers consider what the Daily Mail calls the "diplomatic hand grenade" that was Donald Trump's interview with Nigel Farage on Thursday.

The Sun is clear that it represented a "thump" for Labour, as Mr Trump's reassurances over the NHS "destroyed Jeremy Corbyn's most powerful attack line".

The New Statesman disagrees, saying the Labour leadership are "delighted" with the intervention as it shows one of their main themes is "cutting through". A person described as a "chipper source in Jeremy Corbyn's office" tells the magazine: "I love it... let's have this argument for the whole campaign."

The Times says President Trump "derailed Boris Johnson's first day on the campaign trail" by his criticism of the prime minister's Brexit deal.

It was "an embarrassing blow" the paper says, part of an interview that "blindsided Downing Street." The Huffpost UK draws a similar conclusion that "overall it was a happier Halloween for the Labour leader than it was for his Tory counterpart".

Five million face masks will be issued to children in Delhi on Friday, the Times reports, to protect them from smog in what was found to be the world's most polluted city for the second year running.

The authorities are scrambling to reassure parents as schools re-open after the Diwali break, it says. But many are unimpressed. "Tell me please how masks for children are a solution", one father asks the paper. "It is totally cosmetic and ridiculous."

The sale at auction of a 2,700-year-old vase has provoked "diplomatic discomfort" in London and "disquiet" in Cyprus, the Guardian says.

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It's because the pottery in question was an official gift given to Margaret Thatcher in 1988 - yet ended up raising £6,000 at Christie's in May. "We're seeking an explanation as to how protocol could have slipped like this," a Cypriot government source tells the paper.

John Bercow has just quit the bear-pit of Parliament but plans for him to spend part of his retirement in the jungle have fallen flat, according to the Daily Mirror.

It reports he had been in talks to take part in ITV's I'm a Celebrity...! next month - but they broke down over his demand to be paid £1m. His spokeswoman denies the claims, telling the paper there was "no way on earth" he'd go on the show.

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Finally, the front page of the Daily Star features a large sombrero - but, the paper reports, parties at the University of Sheffield may not, after students were told wearing one could be seen as racially offensive to Mexicans.

It's enough to make you choke on your burrito, the paper's editorial says - adding it hopes "sooner or later these idiots will run out of things to get offended about".