Newspaper headlines: Fury 'gypsy king of the world' and coronavirus pandemic fears

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The spread of coronavirus gets widespread coverage in Monday's newspapers.

The Guardian highlights a warning from experts that the world is fast approaching a tipping point - with the disease outpacing efforts to contain it.

The Daily Telegraph also reports on fears of a pandemic, and says the four most recent British nationals to test positive for the virus have been transferred to three specialist treatment centres.

The Financial Times focuses on the control measures introduced in Italy where at least 10 towns are in lockdown in the biggest outbreak outside Asia.

It carries a photo of a security guard in a face mask alongside revellers in full costume at the Venice carnival, which had to be cut short. Bloomberg accuses Italy of "operating in near panic mode".

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The Venice Carnival has been cut short as officials try to control what is now the worst outbreak of the coronavirus in Europe

The Metro front page headlines what it calls a "coronavirus race assault". It explains that a woman was knocked unconscious after standing up for her Chinese friend who was being racially abused about the outbreak.

The Daily Mail leads on a plan to train nurses to perform surgical procedures under what it describes as "a radical NHS drive to slash waiting times".

It says nurses will be urged to take a two-year course to help ease the workload of surgeons. Once qualified, the nurses will be able to remove hernias, benign cysts and some skin cancers.

The Mail says critics have called it "a sticking-plaster solution" to a very serious staffing problem.

Buzzfeed reports the civil service is rewriting its HR rules to "rein in" No 10 and the prime minister's chief aide, Dominic Cummings.

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Boris Johnson's senior aide Dominic Cummings has said the civil service lacks people with "deep expertise in specific fields"

It says the move follows a claim from Mr Cummings that anyone suffering from "personal crises" such as stress or a bereavement should leave their jobs.

The website reproduces a job advert for the lead official on special advisers' HR policy.

Buzzfeed says it has been told by a senior Whitehall official that the role was created in response to "high-level concerns" about the treatment of special advisers by No 10. The article does not include any response from Mr Cummings or Downing Street.

The Daily Mirror's front page shows its reporter surrounded by chickens in a packed shed in Georgia in the US.

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Several papers report Boris Johnson's new environment secretary has refused to rule out a trade agreement allowing chlorinated chicken to be imported from the US

It describes the conditions the birds are reared in as "horrifying", even before they are killed and washed in chlorine.

The paper is one of several to report that Environment Secretary George Eustice has refused to rule out the import of US chicken in a future trade deal.

And many of the papers are celebrating Tyson Fury's exceptional win over US boxer Deontay Wilder - to become the WBC world heavyweight boxing champion.

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The Sun says the man known as the gypsy king beat his demons as well as his opponent - and predicts he will get his "mighty hands" on more than £100m over the next 12 months.

The Daily Express highlights the role of Fury's wife, Paris, in what it calls her husband's "remarkable journey" from having depression to being king of the ring - or, as the Metro dubs him, "gypsy king of the world".

The Telegraph's editorial says there are few redemption stories that can match that of Fury - who at one point plunged into depression, contemplated suicide and ballooned to 28 stone (178kg). It concludes: "Rocky doesn't even come close".