Newspaper headlines: PM attacked on China and Duke leaves hospital

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock has written in the Sun telling people to "keep calm and carry on jabbing"

The Telegraph believes that EU leaders are turning on each other as the bloc's troubled vaccine rollout continues to make headlines.

The paper says that in a rare move, the European Commission rebuked member states for stockpiling jabs, despite a looming third wave of Covid.

The Times also carries a warning from one of the EU's senior officials that it's in a race against time and it reports that France and Italy are preparing to drop their suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The comments come from the former president of the Royal College of GPs, Dame Clare Gerada, who insists the vaccine is safe and warns the world could suffer unless the EU gets a grip.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock - writing in the Sun - urges its readers to "keep calm and carry on jabbing".

The Daily Mirror surveys the result of the vaccination programme in the UK and concludes that coronavirus is "on the run".

It says there's been an 86% fall in deaths among the over-80s - when figures from the first week of this month are compared with another from January.

The Guardian believes pressure is growing for a public inquiry into the way the government handled the pandemic.

It says there's backing from senior doctors, government scientists, nurses, ethnic minority leaders and thousands of bereaved families.

One of those in favour, Lord Kerslake - who headed the civil service under David Cameron - tells the paper it would be criminal not to learn lessons.

A cartoon in the Telegraph pictures Boris Johnson balanced precariously on the nose of a huge red Chinese dragon.

The image sums up, for many commentators, the problems facing the prime minister after Tuesday's big foreign policy announcement.

The Times says he's facing a backlash from Tory backbenchers for pushing trade links with Beijing.

The Daily Mail agrees we don't want a Cold War with China, but says if we are invited to sup with the Dragon, we must use a very long spoon indeed.

The Guardian welcomes the government's commitment to funding better street lighting as a way of improving women's security.

In an editorial it goes on to argue that women's wellbeing and safety must be a priority when we plan our cities - saying that underpasses and isolated parking areas create situations of vulnerability.

The policing minister, Kit Malthouse, has told the Times that boys should be taught how to respect women and girls in the streets as part of their sex and relationship education.

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The Duke of Edinburgh leaving hospital after his longest-ever stay made several front pages

On its front page, the Mail claims that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have damaged hopes of healing the rift with other royals - after they told an American TV host that private talks with Princes William and Charles were not productive.

"Blow to Royal Peace Summit," is how the Daily Express sees it; while the Sun thinks the leak will have sparked "palace fury".

Prince Harry is not the only the royal to make the front pages - with many showing Prince Philip leaving hospital to return to Windsor Castle.

The Daily Star links the two stories - from Philip's lips comes a speech bubble reading, "What did I miss?"