Newspaper headlines: UK's refugee plan 'big-hearted', or 'not enough'

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At least 15 countries have sent military planes to the Afghan capital

Most of the front pages report on the government's plans to resettle 20,000 vulnerable Afghans in the UK.

The Times believes the scheme will go some way towards placating opposition demands for a rapid resettlement programme.

The Daily Express hails "big-hearted Britain". For the Daily Mirror, though, 5,000 refugees in the first year of the scheme "isn't enough".

The Conservative chairman of the defence select committee, Tobias Ellwood, dismisses the scheme as a "totally inadequate response", telling the Mirror that ministers need to grasp the scale of the crisis.

In the Guardian, Labour peer and former child refugee Lord Dubs is unhappy about the 20,000 total being spread over five years - saying "these people are in danger now".

Home Secretary Priti Patel - in an article for the Daily Telegraph - calls on other nations to help take in Afghan refugees, saying "Britain cannot do it alone".

The paper highlights comments by French leader Emmanuel Macron, cautioning against "irregular migrant flows" - and a refusal by Greece to be the entry point for fleeing Afghans.

The front page of Le Figaro, in France, says Europe wants to avoid another wave of migration, and the German newspaper Die Welt picks up on warnings from senior CDU politicians that the migrant crisis of 2015 must not be repeated.

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Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid answered questions at a news conference on Tuesday

The Times pictures the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid at Tuesday's news conference in Kabul - describing him as the group's secretive voice, showing his face on camera for the first time.

He struck a moderate tone with the offer of an amnesty to the Taliban's opponents, according to the Financial Times. But government workers tell the paper they are already being harassed.

The Daily Mail says it has received frantic messages from interpreters, who are hiding near Kabul airport from gunmen who want to kill them.

The Mirror carries an account of an Afghan women who says she was shot eight times - and had her eyes gouged out - by Taliban militants just last year when she was two months pregnant.

But the Sun says if the Taliban's crocodile smile gives even a slight gap to rescue more refugees, it would be unforgivable to waste it.

The Times and the Telegraph report that the pensions triple lock - which promises to boost the state pension by either inflation, average earnings, or 2.5% - is set to be scrapped for next year.

Boris Johnson has apparently been advised to suspend the Conservative manifesto promise because of a freak rise in earnings.

The Telegraph says there's a consensus that such a big increase, well ahead of inflation, would be costly and unfair to workers. The Times says the figure is likely to be 2.5%, as prices are also expected to rise sharply.

The Daily Mail predicts a backlash from pensioners - and backbench Conservatives.

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Several of the papers report on a study showing the extraordinary memory powers of cuttlefish.

They're able to remember precise details from their short lives right up until their final days - in particular where and when they ate meals.

This is in contrast to humans, according to the Guardian, who can struggle to remember what they had for lunch a few days ago.

The researchers say it is another sign of the pedestal upon which humans place their neurological abilities crumbling.