Newspaper headlines: Booster jabs 'scramble' and Maxwell goes on trial

By BBC News

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Ms Maxwell's high-profile trial is expected to last six weeks in New York City

Many of Tuesday's front pages lead with the expansion of the booster vaccine campaign to combat the Omicron variant.

"Lets go for it", is the rallying cry from the Daily Express - while the Daily Mirror calls the drive a "rush JAB".

Metro reports that "hits on the NHS vaccine booking website surged last night" after the recommended gap between second jabs and boosters was cut by three months.

The Times, though, says the online appointment system still required a six-month gap, but the paper expects updated instructions to be issued later.

A senior government source has told the Guardian that ministers are aiming to administer 500,000 jabs a day - in a return to the huge national effort seen in the early days of the vaccination campaign. The source cautions that the increase won't happen overnight.

The Daily Telegraph leads on US President Joe Biden's response to the new variant. "No cause for panic", was his message, according to the paper's headline.

While he has predicted that Omicron cases will reach the United States, he said if people were vaccinated and wore masks there would be no need for lockdowns. The paper notes that Mr Biden's approach "marks a contrast" to that of Boris Johnson, who has been accused of rushing into restrictions despite a lack of clarity about the new variant.

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Yvette Cooper has been a Labour MP since 1997

There is a varied reaction to the shadow cabinet reshuffle. The Daily Mirror describes the changes as "bold" and an attempt to move Labour back to the centre of British politics.

But the New Statesman's Stephen Bush says the reshuffle is "less than the sum of its parts". He points out that while that the new shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper is a "very effective opponent" of the government as a select committee chair, she is returning to a position where her record is "mixed".

The start of Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking trial in New York makes several of the front pages. The Express features the prosecution argument that Ms Maxwell was paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's "second in command".

The Daily Mail reports that the court heard how the socialite was a "dangerous predator" who "served up" girls for sexual abuse. It says observers began queuing from 05:00 EST in the morning to guarantee a seat for the proceedings.

Ms Maxwell denies all the charges.

And finally, for anyone already worried about cooking Christmas dinner, the Mirror has a solution.

Gareth Mason, a chef in Greater Manchester, has come up with a 1kg Christmas pie crammed with turkey, vegetables, stuffing and pigs in blankets. He warns not to even bother trying to count the calories in it - while the paper wishes its readers a "Merry CRUSTmas".