#BBCtrending: Suarez 'bite': Social media reacts

A composite image showing some of the jokes being shared online. In this case, mash-ups playing on Hannibal Lecter and Jaws Image copyright @Davy8hoy7/@abbeylinegold
Image caption Countless memes were shared online right after the incident

Social media exploded after Luis Suarez's suspected "bite" of Giorgio Chiellini during Tuesday's World Cup game between Uruguay and Italy.

Football world governing body, Fifa, is investigating the alleged "biting". If found guilty, Suarez faces a long ban.

Here are some of the many ways social media reacted to the incident.

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Media caption Anne-Marie Tomchak reports on social media reaction

The wrong Suarez

A man from Buenos Aires named Diego Suarez - who happens to have the Twitter handle @Suarez - found himself bombarded with messages after the incident. "Please stop," he pleaded in a series of tweets. " I am not Uruguayan, I am not Luis Suarez.... There are many Suarez's in the world, I am not Luis Suarez please."

For the record, the Twitter handle for the real Luis Suarez is @luis16suarez. He has more than three million followers.

Image copyright @Suarez

Hashtag heaven

Here are some of the trending terms and hashtags - together with the number of times they have been used in the past day:

Suarez and #Suarez - 3.1 million

#BanSuarez - 55,000

#Bansuarezforlife - 2,5000

#Bite - 6,500

#Suarezbite - 5,000

Mike Tyson - 25,000

Image copyright @ryananewton

Brands 'bite'

Dozens of brands have jumped on board, hoping to capitalise on the incident. #EatASnickers, for example trended, after the company tweeted: "Hey @luis16suarez. Next time you're hungry just grab a Snickers," together with a picture saying, "More satisfying than Italian."

McDonald's in Uruguay offered him a Big Mac , and Nando's in the UK offered him a giant platter.


The incident was like a gift from heaven to the world of internet memes - playful images created by users with takes on Jaws, Hannibal Lecter and vampires were among the favourites.

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