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The savvy social media campaign against Islamic State by Kurdish activists continues - with a video of a mock "Islamic State sex slave market" in the heart of London watched more than quarter of a million times on YouTube.

The video shows the group's supposed ringleader bellowing into a microphone. Behind him stand a group of women - all of them actors - fully covered and chained together. "We have four women for you here today," the man announces, "and we are here to sell them courtesy of the Islamic State."

Shot on 14 October, the stunt was organised by Compassion 4 Kurdistan, a group of Kurdish diaspora trying to raise awareness if IS's alleged actions in Iraq. It has now been viewed more than 250,000 times on YouTube. On the same night, the group performed the scene outside Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament as well.

Earlier this month the United Nations said 150 women and girls were reportedly transported from Iraq to Syria by IS, to be given to fighters or sold as sex slaves. IS has committed a litany of further offences that may amount to systematic war crimes, according to the report.

Ari Murad, who works with the Kurdish campaign group, tells BBC Trending he thinks there is a lack of awareness about what is happening in the country. "Some of the stories were so horrific, we had to do something about it," he says. "I'm pretty sure the public are sympathetic, but they don't know what's going on." Murad says his campaign group is not directly linked to the Kurdish PKK rebels in Turkey or other Kurdish militias, but that they support them. "I believe the PKK and all other Kurdish political parties have been wronged," he says.

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