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#BBCtrending: Indian sisters beat up another man in new video

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media captionA short clip from the NDTV video of the sisters hitting a man in a park

Two sisters pictured beating up men who allegedly sexually harassed them in India have recently been involved in a similar incident, according to a new video that has emerged online.

Earlier this week sisters Aarti and Pooja Kumar were shown kicking, punching and belting three men on a bus in the northern state of Haryana.

Now a new video released by the Indian news channel NDTV shows the women attacking a man in a park.

NDTV told BBC Trending the new video came from a local journalist but wouldn't reveal the exact source. The girls in both videos look the same, and NDTV says the latest video to emerge was filmed about a month ago.

The original video fanned the ongoing debate over sexual violence in India after it was viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube. The younger sister, 19-year-old Pooja, told BBC Hindi that the pair fought back on a moving bus in the Rohtak district after three men started touching them.

"If we had any hope that our fellow passengers would save us, then why would I need to take out my belt?" she said. "Earlier, if you told men off, they would back off. But this time, these men crossed the limit and raised their hands on us."

Aarti and Pooja have been hailed as heroes locally, but at the same time questions have been raised about exactly what prompted the women to attack.

The parents of the men on the bus have been quoted in Indian media saying that their sons were arguing about seating, not sexually harassing the women.

Indian Express newspaper reported that key witnesses to the first fight have not been found. "There is still no trace of a pregnant woman who allegedly took the video, and who the girls claimed they were speaking up for when the fight broke out, and another old woman who the accused said they were fighting for," wrote reporter Sumegha Gulati.

A female NDTV journalist tweeted: "V v odd, another video emerges of Rohtak girls beating up boys in a park from a month ago. Again no evidence of boys molesting them on camera".

BBC Trending has contacted the sisters and will post an update if they respond.

Reporting by Ruth Alexander and Mike Wendling

h/t Samiha Nettikkara

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