The strange persistence of the odd 'Page X' trend

The life cycle of silly trends is pretty simple. They get big quick, then die quick.

And so it seemed to be for the trend "Page X of 365" - a meme comparing every day of 2015 to the pages of a moderately thick book. The tag was used mostly to post profundities:

Image copyright Twitter

Or mark mundanity:

Image copyright Twitter

Like with New Year's resolutions or Capital in the Twenty-First Century, people soon slipped away - the trend fell from nearly half a million tweets marking Page 1 on 1 Jan to about 6,000 on 6 Jan.

Something strange happened on 7 Jan however - the trend got a small but significant boost.

The surge was in part down to people wondering why other Twitter users were still bothering to mark the days.

Image copyright Twitter

Will Page 8 continue the comeback (as of writing it appears to have got off to a slow start, with around 3,000 total tweets)? Or was the popularity of Page 7 just a dead-cat bounce? We'll be reading until the end of the book (or at least until the pages go completely blank).

Blog by Mike Wendling

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