Tweets from Charlie Hebdo attack scene

As the attack on a satirical magazine unfolded in Paris, Twitter and Facebook have been playing a role - including posts from the scene.

One of the most dramatic images was tweeted by journalist Martin Boudot who was apparently sheltering with colleagues on the roof of a building during the assault on the offices of Charlie Hebdo. The tweet was later deleted but not before being shared thousands of times.

Image copyright @MartinBoudot / Twitter
Image caption Translation: "Attack by two hooded men on the offices of Charlie Hebdo. We've taken refuge on the roof"

Another journalist apparently tweeting from near the scene of the attack shared this aerial view of a victim being taken from the building.

Image copyright @yvecresson / Twitter
Image caption This image was tweeted with the text: "A second seriously injured person is taken out #CharlieHebdo"

Speculation has centred on the last tweet sent from the @Charlie_Hebdo_ account, which shows a cartoon image of the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and a rather anodyne message: "Best wishes, by the way." The tweet was time stamped Wednesday morning, Paris time. However it is not known whether the tweet was sent before or during the attack, whether the magazine had used the image before or what link - if any at all - it has to the shootings.

Image copyright @Charlie_Hebdo_ / Twitter
Image caption Comic caption: "Best wishes. To you too, Al-Baghdadi." Baghdadi's quote: "And especially good health."

Meanwhile others were sending messages of support under the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie - "I am Charlie." It has been shared more than 20,000 times in the last hour.

Image copyright @Ivalay / Twitter

We'll post more as we get it.

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