Capturing the spirit of the 70s on Instagram

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Media captionA photographer's collection of images from the 1970s have become modern hits on Instagram

Photographer Roger Steffens has taken iconic shots of rock and roll legends. But it's his collection of personal snapshots of life in the 1970s - including some psychedelic double exposures - that is now attracting attention.

The work was mostly forgotten until his children digitised the slides and started posting them on Instagram. Now the @thefamilyacid Instagram feed has over 15,000 followers and the Steffens family has a new book, The Family Acid.

Steffens admits that psychedelic drugs changed his life. His children say that despite their unconventional upbringing, they are a happy, close-knit family.

Roger and his children spoke to the BBC from Roger's home outside Los Angeles.

Filmed by Tim Myers. Edited by Bill McKenna.