#BBCTrending is coming to Mexico

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Mexico is a country in the middle of huge political upheaval - and much of the political discussion is being driven by social media.

From online protests over the disappearance of 43 students to a minister's reaction which sparked the hashtag #YaMeCanse to the 'Cartel Princess' who infuriated many Instagram users, it's a country has spawned some fascinating social media trends.

BBC Trending is heading to Mexico to understand how political and cultural conversations have unfolded. And here in video form is a recap of some of the major trends that have emerged in the country over the past year.

But we want to hear more - and that's why the Trending Team is on its way to Mexico City. Share your thoughts about what you discuss and share on social media via WhatsApp on +447702349853. And if you'd like to be in the studio audience for our radio programme, email trending@bbc.com.

Photo and video credits: Getty Images, Tumblr/IlustradoresConAyotzinapa, YouTube/AngelicaRivera, Twitter/MaEugeniaArias, Twitter/dhakiny

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