EU referendum: Who are the Gibraltar 823?

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It was the first and least surprising result of the EU referendum vote count. Gibraltar has voted overwhelmingly in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union.

Gibraltar has been trending in the UK, with more than 40,000 tweets. While many discussed the vote, several revealed their lack of knowledge about the region.

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Gibraltar, is a British overseas territory at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula and has around 30,000 residents. It's has also been a British territory since 1713, though Spain continues to claim sovereignty over the territory. But, the majority of Gibraltarians are British citizens with British passports. 84% of Gibraltarians turned up to vote in the EU referendum. 19,322 checked the box to stay in the EU and 823 voted to leave. And it's the 823 that has intrigued Twitter.

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Many have theorised that if the UK votes to leave the EU, would boost Spanish demands for the return of Gibraltar. So most people expected that a sweeping majority would vote to remain with the European Union. And they did. But who were the 823 who voted out? Cyber detectives had their ideas.

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But there was some internet love for the 823.

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Some mused that whoever the mysterious 823 were they would undoubtedly have a certain swagger.

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And there was the odd conspiracy theorist.

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Maybe this is the start of something.

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