Froome's hill run inspires online hilarity

Joke tweet suggesting Froome got off bike to chase Pokemon Image copyright Twitter/wrightus

Chris Froome's extraordinary run up Mont Ventoux in the yellow jersey will go down in Tour de France history.

The defending champion legged it for just under a kilometre after his bike was broken in a collision with two other riders.

Even though Belgian Thomas de Gendt won the stage on the lower slopes of one of the tour's most iconic climbs, Froome was reinstated at the top of the leader board. The Briton's steely determination on his unexpected hill run has inspired online admiration and humour.

Some on social media have suggested Froome could give Usain Bolt a run for his money.

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Or show a clean pair of heels to the bulls running at Pamplona.

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Image copyright Twitter/doctormiarma

Froome's dash has been admiringly likened to Sylvester Stallone's famous run through Philadelphia in Rocky.

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Though some think he would be eating Forrest Gump's dust.

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And just a few weren't that complimentary at all about Froome's running style.

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Image caption The Froome run is already in fashion at the South Pole according to this tweet

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