Justin Trudeau - Canada's PM paddles over for a chat

Canada"s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paddles a kayak to mark World Environment Day on the Niagara River, that borders with the United States, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada June 5, 2017. Image copyright Reuters
Image caption An Ontarian family shared a few words with the Canadian prime minister after he paddled over to their home

It's not every day Justin Trudeau kayaks up to your house to say hello.

But the Robinson family in Ontario were pleasantly surprised when he appeared on their doorstep, paddle in hand.

Mr Trudeau had spent part of his day on a kayak in the Niagara River to mark World Environment Day on Monday.

Anne Robinson and her family have lived by the river for five years, she captured the moment and even made a cameo in the clip.

Image copyright Twitter/@carrierobinson_

Her daughter Carrie Robinson, 17, tweeted a short video of the encounter, which has been liked and retweeted thousands of times.

Anne told the BBC: "It was certainly a surprise when he turned and kayaked right over to us for a chat

"Prime Minister Trudeau is very engaging and easy to talk with.

"We love kayaking on the Niagara River - my son Scott kayaked across Lake Ontario in 2015 for 'Kayak for a Cure Niagara' to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society," she continued.

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Image copyright Anne Robinson
Image caption The Robinson family with Justin Trudeau

The Robinsons chatted with the PM about rising water levels and he joked about taking any chance he could to get out on the water.

But this wasn't the family's first meeting with the prime minister. Anne's husband Art Frank told Mr Trudeau that he'd been "nice enough" to take a photo with his family at an event in October 2016.

The prime minster also tweeted images of him kayaking and meeting fellow Canadians to mark the day. In a statement posted on his website, he said Canada was "committed to provide international leadership to fight climate change and support clean economic growth".

He criticised the US administration's decision last week to pull out from the 2015 Paris climate agreement, adding that Canada is "unwavering in our commitment to fight climate change and support clean economic growth".

Image copyright Twitter/@JustinTrudeau

The Canadian prime minister is known for his friendly run-ins with members of the public. Last month, he photobombed a students' prom picture in Vancouver.

Mr Trudeau had been out for a run along the Stanley Park Seawall when he passed a group of students on their way to prom.

Image copyright Instagram/Cam Corrado
Image caption In May, PM Justin Trudeau photobombed a students' prom picture while out for a jog

In August of last year, he was pictured standing by as a bride-to-be prepared for her beach wedding.

The Canadian leader also took a selfie - while shirtless - with a 13-year-old boy who was hiking with his family in Quebec's Gatineau Park that same month.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Mr Trudeau paddled a kayak on the Niagara River in Ontario on Monday to mark World Environment Day

And as if there weren't enough reasons to swoon, Mr Trudeau can give lessons in quantum computing.

Is there anything this man can't do?!

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