Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump respond to failed hug gags

Picture of awkward interaction between Sen> Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump Image copyright @yasher/Twitter

Ever had that awkward moment when you go in for a hug but the receiver doesn't really seem into it?

Republican Senator Marco Rubio knows the feeling. He was attending a business meeting on Tuesday with President Trump's daughter Ivanka when he was snapped in this failed interaction.

Social media users were quick to notice the weirdness.

One Twitter user posted: " Nothing about @IvankaTrump's body language invites this hug from @marcorubio."

While another joked: "Love to engage in that famous human show of affection, the hug."

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Twitter investigation

Hours after the awkward exchange Senator Rubio responded to the jokes being made at his expense with a series of humorous tweets.

Image copyright @marcorubio/Twitter

Minutes later and with the "investigation" underway, Rubio offered further evidence of the interaction.

Image copyright @marcorubio/Twitter

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Image copyright @marcorubio/Twitter

Senator Rubio then reaches out to social media users for help.

Image copyright @marcorubio/Twitter

One user obliged with this image:

Image copyright @ItsActuallyHim/twitter

Later, the senator posted new pictures appearing to show a less awkward encounter. But the jokes kept on coming.

Image copyright @marcorubio/Twitter
Image copyright @marcorubio/Twitter

Finally Senator Rubio decided to close his investigation by claiming there was no hug.

Image copyright @marcorubio/Twitter

What began as a joke about a embarrassing hug quickly turned into criticism as social media users responded to the senator's mock investigation.

One user tweeted: "Hilarious, sure, covfefe even thrown in, but can you, ya know, give us some details on the health care bill? thanks."

And another posted: "Dude you're already pretty bad at your job, don't be bad at comedy, too."

On Wednesday morning, hours after it seemed the matter was closed, there was a plot twist as Ivanka Trump herself took to Twitter with her own response:

"Anonymous sources say @marcorubio planned the alleged failed hug. I have no comment (but I would have hugged him anyway!)".

She tweeted again stating the whole thing was 'fake news' but confirmed a hug did take place and it was more than satisfactory.

Image copyright @IvankaTrump/Twitter

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