How Green Burger has provoked online reaction in Egypt

A falafel
Image caption In Egypt falafel is also becoming known as "green burger"

There has been much consternation on Egyptian Twitter over the use of the English-language term "green burger" to refer to falafel.

A wave of ridicule spread over Twitter about the new name. Users have pointed the finger at "high class" people, accusing them of inventing English terms for things so as to sound cool.

The Arabic hashtag "#Green_Burger" has attracted more than 9,000 tweets since 13 July.

People have also been talking about new terms given to other foods, such as "green soup" to refer to the soup made from leaves of the molokhia plant, described as a vegetable with a taste and texture similar to okra, also known as ladies' fingers.

Falafel or felafel is a deep-fried ball made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. It is a traditional food in Egypt, commonly served in a pita, which acts as a pocket, or wrapped in a flatbread.

Many users lamented the use of English terms for local and traditional food.

"They want to eradicate the legacy of popular food," one user tweeted.

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A tweet from Egyptian comedian Mohamed Henedy was shared nearly 7,000 times.

Using the green burger hashtag he quotes a line from his 1998 play Alabanda: "The daughter of the carrot seller forgot herself."

In the film when the daughter becomes successful she then tries to hide her humble origins.

Henedy suggests those who call falafel "green burger" are similar in forgetting their Egyptian heritage and are trying to look fashionable and cool in front of others.

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Echoing the same sentiment, one Twitter user remarked: "Falafel is now called Green Burger; I'm fed up."

In the same vein, another said: "#Green_Burger! One day they will call the Fool [fava beans] Brown Burger."

Similarly, a third user commented "Given this [new name of falafel], they will call the lentil soup the orange soup."

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Some people showed their surprise at the English name. "It was called Falafel when I went to bed last night. I woke up today to find its name the Green Burger," said one user.

But there was a few people who seemingly liked the new name. One user joked: "I have become addicted to Falafel after it was given the name of Green Burger."

By UGC & Social News team. Additional reporting by BBC Monitoring.

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