Here we go again... the painting of the woman who painted the bird has arrived

Cindi Decker (left) holds Kristoffer Zetterstran's (right) painting of her holding her bird painting Image copyright Cindi Decker/ Kristoffer Zetterstran
Image caption Cindi Decker (left) holds Kristoffer Zetterstran's (right) painting of her holding her bird painting

The Florida mum who inspired the Reddit 'paintception' craze has now received the painting of her holding her own painting, in a further development to the bizarre saga.

Cindi Decker's son confirmed on Reddit that a portrait of her by Swedish artist Kristoffer Zetterstran had been shipped to her home.

Posting a photo of her gleefully holding it up, he simply wrote: "It arrived."

Ms Decker said she was lost for words, adding that the painting was "absolutely beautiful". Many users responded to the post saying "here we go again", speculating that someone may now in turn produce a painting of this photo.

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The story of paintception

It all started with Cindi Decker's painting of an egret.

Her son took a photo of her holding her picture and posted it on Reddit. "My mom painted this and said no one would like it. It's her 2nd painting," he wrote. His post proved very popular, receiving more than 76,000 up votes - with many people chiming in to say how much they loved it.

Image copyright Gaddafo
Image caption Reddit user Gaddafo posted this picture of his mum on Reddit

Cindi, who must now be one of the most popular mothers on Reddit, painted her egret - mistaken for a swan by many social media users - at an art class she attended with a friend.

She had no idea what her son had in mind. "I honestly thought he was just showing his friends on Snapchat," she admitted. "I don't even know what an upvote is."

"I am not an artist, simply a regular mum," she added.

It was Kristoffer Zetterstrand, a 45-year-old artist from Sweden, who then initiated what would come to be known as 'paintception'.

He saw the photo of Cindi and decided he would paint a picture of it. "I thought it was cute, and had the idea that I would paint one of those photos just for fun," he told the BBC.

Rather than just post a photo of his painting he instead shared a photo of him holding it, creating a picture within a picture, reminiscent of the Droste effect.

Image copyright k_z
Image caption Kristoffer Zetterstrand started this latest craze with his painting of a painting

"It's really weird," he said, describing the craze he instigated.

Reddit user lillyofthenight spotted Kristoffer's painting and decided to photograph herself holding up her painting of his photo. Her picture has received 113,000 upvotes.

Image copyright lillyofthenight
Image caption 'Took a while and not perfect, but I painted the guy who painted the other guy's mum' said Reddit user lillyofthenight

And so it continued with other artists adding to the mix, which Reddit user My-Internet_Voice turned into a mesmerising gif.

It remains to be seen if this new photo of Cindi marks the end of this craze, or if it will simply lead to a new wave of mind-boggling pictures.

Image copyright Gaddafo
Image caption Cindi Decker holds Kristoffer Zetterstran's painting of her holding her bird painting