Powys traveller hit by second holiday firm failure

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A victim of the failed budget travel firm Kiss Flights had previously booked with tour operator Goldtrail, which collapsed last month.

Clive Rees, of Llandrindod Wells, Powys, planned to fly to Turkey with his disabled mother on Monday to attend his niece's wedding.

Kiss Flights's failure has sparked uncertainty for around 70,000 holidaymakers.

Mr Rees admitted the experience had been "tough".

Care home worker Mr Rees said he had spent a total of £1,500 booking with Goldtrail and Kiss Flights. He expects to receive compensation, but it could take up to 18 months to process his claim, he said.

Kiss currently has about 13,000 customers overseas and 60,000 people have forward bookings with the company.

Last month Goldtrail, which specialised in holidays to Greece and Turkey, collapsed, affecting as many as 50,000 travellers.

And last week Birmingham-based travel firm Sun4U folded, leaving about 1,500 people stuck abroad, mostly in Spain.

Mr Rees said: "We have just finished filling in a claim form for Goldtrail and just submitted that. We re-booked our flights with this company (Kiss), well, actually it was with a company called Air Flights who act on behalf of Kiss.

"I'm really disappointed. You wait for a long time for your holidays and it's gone up in smoke. It's tough.

"It puts us in a bit of a dilemma, whether we book for a third time with another company. We are undecided at the moment."

Mr Rees claimed other travel firms were trying to make money out of people who had booked with failed companies such Kiss Flights, and were still looking for a holiday.

He said: "Some of the (other travel) companies have put their prices up on the misfortune of people like me, and thousands like me."

The Civil Aviation Authority said travellers abroad who had flown with Kiss would get home as normal.

Anyone due to travel from the UK before 1800 BST on Wednesday is guaranteed their flight out and return after their holiday, the CAA added.

Gary Johnson, from Colwyn Bay, was due to fly to Sharm El Sheik with Kiss flights in just over a week. He said his family's plans were ruined.

"We're just absolutely gutted, really are, because we can't get hold of anybody to let us know what is going on or ask them any advice... It's just disgusting really."

His trip was a family holiday before his daughter goes to university.

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