Traditional toys: Your views

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City Airport, Lego UK
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Lego is expected to be one of the top sellers this Christmas

The Toy Retailers Association has published their top 12 toys for Christmas. They include Lego's City Airport, the Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset and Buzz Lightyear dolls. But are modern toys really light years ahead of traditional games?'

BBC News website readers have been sending us their verdict.

Subbuteo Table Football was and still is the best game ever. I started at age 13 in 1976 and here I am 34 years later still playing in tournaments at home and abroad. Nothing beats a tactile toy or game and this has been lost in the electronic age. Mike Parnaby, Guisborough, Cleveland, UK

Model cars were always my favourite. I used to have a box full of the things and played with them for hours on end. Lego was good as well. There aren't many toys around that you can shape into whatever you want. Mark, Jersey

My favourite toys were my Polly Pocket and my Postman Pat play village. I always wanted a Gameboy but my mother wouldn't allow it. Deborah, Portsmouth, England

My toy of choice was a 1960 Triang electric goods train set. I never progressed beyond the supplied oval of track but it kept me occupied for hours. Even the telly couldn't prise me away from it. Tony Cooley, Walsall

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Mike Parnaby still plays in Subbuteo tournaments

For me the best toys I had as a child were Lego and the wonder of a new Airfix kit. Tony Shaw, Langdale, Cumbria

I've collected transformers from a young age and I now have a collection close to 700. From the 80s toy range which first gave us such beloved characters as Optimus Prime and Megatron right, through to the latest cartoon Transformers Animated and the up and coming series Transformers Prime. Simon Skey, Birmingham

The best toy was the Batman animated series figures from the early to late 90s. Shaun Browning, Glasgow

Realism was the goal in the past and Hornby models in particular were astonishingly accurate. Also Meccano, Hornby's engineering construction sets, which were much more sophisticated than Lego. David Wilde, Bathgate

I grew up in the 90s and had around 300 toy cars and a couple of the huge play sets you could get and even a Scalextric set. I also remember having Pokemon cards from about 1998. I doubt these toys are going to make a comeback. It's sad to see the 90s stuff fizzle away. Matthew, Huddersfield