Morning business round-up: US and China trade talks

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What made the business news in Asia and Europe this morning? Here's our daily business round-up:

The latest trade talks between the US and China are the subject of the main early story of the day. Senior figures from the two countries are due to meet in Washington later. The continuing row over the low value of the yuan, the Chinese currency, is likely to feature highly.

Meanwhile, in Europe, German exports in March soared to an all-time high. The country is continuing to benefit from the upturn in the global economy. Germany's imports also rose to their highest level since records began in 1950.

Back in Asia, there were fresh woes for Japanese electronics giant Sony. It is to delay the launch its online PlayStation video game network. It had previously said it would resume normal operations by the weekend, as it recovers from a security breach.

Also in Japan, shares in power supplier Chabu Electric fell heavily on calls for the closure of one of its nuclear facilities. Its Hamaoka plant is located 200km (120 miles) south of Tokyo, an area which seismologists say is overdue an earthquake.

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In Samoa, the focus was on time travel, as the Samoan government said the country would jump forward by one day in order to boost its economy. It will do this by switching to the west side of the date line, which it said would make it easier for it to do business with Australia and New Zealand. Samoa is to make the move on 29 December.

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