RBS-NatWest problems: Customer experiences

A backlog caused by computer problems at NatWest could continue as some customers remain unable to access accounts. Here, customers share their experiences.

Sophia Joyce, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

Sophia cannot buy petrol for her car as she cannot access her wages.

I am absolutely fuming with NatWest.

My wages aren't showing again on my account this morning. This means I haven't got any money to even fill up my car with petrol. If I can't fill up the car I won't be able to get to work tomorrow.

Yesterday I did not receive my tax credits and my direct debits did not go out. Now the direct debits have gone but I haven't got my wages.

I went to the NatWest branch this morning but the queue was coming out of the building so I gave up. I also rang customer services but they weren't very helpful.

Most people live week to week and need their money. I am shocked that this has been going on for days. Hopefully when it's sorted customers should get some sort of gesture if they were affected.

Stephen Cheesewright, from Hullbridge, Essex

Stephen is unable to transfer money to his ex-partner for food for his children.

My bank balance shows as zero. I am unable to access any money or transfer any money from my RBS account to transfer funds to my ex-partner for food for my kids.

I'm being told to pop into a branch. I live in a village and have not got the fare to even get on a bus to get to a branch.

This is totally unacceptable. Will we be compensated for this? If we don't have money in our accounts for a direct debit we would be charged.

My kids are 380 miles away and my ex-partner can't go food shopping until my funds are transferred to her.

Tony Howse, Chester

Tony is due to complete on his house purchase today.

We are also due to complete on our house purchase today and our solicitor cannot verify that the deposit and mortgage money have been paid into their account as Bankline is down.

Today is also payday for me, but my wages aren't being displayed.

So this couldn't have come at a worse time.

It's not acceptable to blame computers these days - all changes should be tested thoroughly before going live.

Jo, Hertfordshire

Jo is the account manager for a small business and cannot make any payments to suppliers or staff.

I am amazed at the impact that this is having on business. I am the accounts manager for a small business and I am struggling to figure out the best course of action.

I can't do any credit controlling today as I don't know who has paid us electronically. I can't make any payments to our suppliers or staff because Natwest won't release payments because they can't confirm balances.

It also doesn't help that this has happened at a time when we are all having to leave things to the last minute to pay because cash-flow is so tight.

There are some people I should have paid and promised payment to on Wednesday. Not being able to honour those promises will have an impact on their cash-flow too.

Luke Bardygilpin, York

Luke now only has 4p in his account and cannot do his weekly shopping.

My wife works in a low-paid job and I was recently made redundant so I stay at home and look after the kids.

We rely on tax credits and do the shopping on a weekly basis because it's easier to manage.

But as a result of the NatWest problems I am over £160 out of pocket. My account currently has 4p in it.

This means that I wasn't able to pay my council tax - and I had to ring them to explain.

Food shopping has also gone out the window - sorry, kids no milk for you.

It's my wife's one day off today and we had planned to take the children swimming - now that can't happen.

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