HSBC asks court for Occupy eviction in Hong Kong

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Media captionJuliana Liu has been to find out why the protesters have stayed outside the bank

HSBC has asked a court in Hong Kong to let it evict protesters at its Asian headquarters who have been there for nine months.

Protesters have pitched about 20 tents in an alleyway on the ground floor of the HSBC building.

HSBC says it owns the property and intends to use it for community events.

The protest is inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement which began in New York and is aimed at highlighting inequality.

The anti-capitalist movement has spread to other cities around the world. The New York protesters were removed in November, while others in London were evicted from Finsbury Square in June.

The demonstrators did not comply with an earlier request by HSBC to voluntarily pack up and leave the building.

BBC correspondent Juliana Liu says the main concerns in Hong Kong are rising income inequality and record-high property prices.