So it's goodbye from me

I've loved writing this blog, which I started in early 2009 - just as we were all beginning to grasp the impact that the global financial crisis was having, not just on the financial markets but on the real economy.

This is my final contribution.

It's been an incredible time to be reporting on the UK and global economy. I hope with this blog and my broadcasting I've helped make sense of some of it.

Certainly it's helped my own understanding of these extraordinary times, to have to turn them into something more or less intelligible, for Stephanomics.

It's not over. We'll be living with the after-shocks of the 2008-09 financial earthquake for a long time yet. I'm going to carry on writing and thinking about all of that, and the deeper forces shaping the global economy.

Though we haven't worked out the details, I promise in future you'll still be able to find out what I'm thinking about the world, if you want to. But from now on, it won't be at the BBC.

In many ways, I will be doing the same thing in my new job at JP Morgan Asset Management that I have been doing as Economics Editor: explaining what is happening in the economy and markets, and why it matters.

What will be different, in my new role, is that I will have more time and resources to develop my own ideas - and get a deeper understanding of the markets, inside one of the most experienced financial institutions in the world.

I will even (shock) be permitted to have an opinion - my own view. At least, if I can remember how, after 11 years of trying to avoid them.

The other thrill, for me, will be helping to grow a business. That is something I've never done, despite spending most of my working life as an economist, talking about the market economy. After 11 years at the BBC, this feels like the right time to give it a try.