Phones 4U collapse and your orders

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Will this affect mobile phone contracts bought through Phones 4U?

All existing mobile phone contracts will be honoured, the company says. Networks will continue to provide mobile services to these customers, so customers will be able to continue using and paying for their phone as normal.

The company says that any existing discount deals will still be honoured. Some customers receive a £5 discount each month.

Clearly, customers will still have a decision to make about where to take their custom when their contract expires.

What about phone insurance policies?

Again, these policies will be honoured. Anyone who needs to make a claim if, for example, their phone has been stolen will still be able to do so, with staff still available to take these calls on 0844 8710535.

What happens if a phone has been ordered from Phones 4U?

The company says that any phones that have been ordered and sent out can be used as normal by customers.

However, orders of phones yet to be dispatched will be cancelled and refunds automatically paid to customers.

Phones 4U customer services remain operational and available on 0844 8712253, the company adds. Customers whose phones are being repaired can call 0844 8712269. Their repairs will be completed with the phone being sent back to their home address rather than a store.