Energy stocks fall on Wall Street

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(Close): Opec's decision to maintain production levels and the subsequent fall in oil prices dominated share movements on Wall Street on a curtailed trading day following Thanksgiving.

The slump in oil prices hit shares in energy firms, with Chevron down 5.4% and Exxon Mobil 4.1% lower.

The Dow Jones closed flat at 17,828.24 while the S&P 500 index dropped 0.25% at 2067.56.

The tech-heavy Nasdaq index rose 0.09% at 4791.63.

While energy firms suffered, shares in airlines rose on hopes that the fall in oil prices will lead to cheaper fuel.

Southwest Airlines rose 6.4%, Delta Airlines was up 5.4% and Jetblue Airways jumped 7.5%.

Oil prices continued to slide later on Friday with Brent crude at under $72 a barrel and US crude below $68.