US shares lower on jobs report and rate fears

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(Close): A strong report on the US labour market led to fears amongst investors that a long awaited interest rate raise could come soon, pushing shares to close lower on Friday.

Data for December showed the more than 200,000 jobs for the 11th consecutive month.

That led investors to fear that the Federal Reserve may begin to raise rates soon.

The Dow Jones fell 60.34 points to finish at 17,824.29.

The broader S&P 500 dipped 7.05 points to close at 2,055.47 and the tech-focused Nasdaq lost 20.70 points to end at 4,744.40.

The strength of the labour market has prompted some analysts to revise their views on when the Fed might start to raise interest rates.

"Another employment report like this one for February and the stock market will most likely have to start getting its mind around a rate hike actually happening in mid-2015 after all," said analyst Patrick O'Hare.

Tech companies soar

Twitter shares soared 16% after its results late on Thursday.

It reported a net loss of $125m (£82m) in the fourth-quarter, beating analyst expectations.

It also said revenue grew faster than expected, increasing by 95% to $479m during the October to December period.

Total monthly active users were 288 million, an increase of 20% from the year earlier.

LinkedIn shares jumped 10.7% after the networking website reported its 15th consecutive quarter of earnings that beat expectations.

Revenue rose by 44% to $632m in the October to December period, significantly higher than had been expected.