Supermarket price labelling: Your photos

Supermarkets have been investigated by Which? because of "confusing or misleading" price labels.

Readers have been sending in their stories and photos of supermarket price labels that have left them scratching their heads.

Image copyright Jack Silberrad
Image caption "I was shopping in a Leeds Morrisons supermarket in March last year, when upon the shelves was this 'alluring' post-Valentine's day offer. It's likely a mistake, but one has to wonder how, when placing the new price card in the holder, nobody noticed or error-checked it," Jack said.

Mark in Burnley, Lancashire, emails: Tesco has a offer on PG Tips Strong teabags 80 pack for £2. Next to it is PG Tips Strong 160 pack for £5.74. Most would buy the 160 pack without looking. They do this all the time.

Image copyright Brett Lewis
Image caption "I was in Home Bargains in Cullompton, Devon, at the weekend, where I saw they were selling a pack of 250g Wyke cheese for £1.69p or two packs for £4. How confusing is this to customers?"

John Clegg emails: Buying washing powder from the Co-op for many years, it has been in a 2.4kg box costing just over £4. The box size has now been reduced to 1.6kg but the cost per 100g for the powder inside has increased dramatically and now costs 50% more per 100g.

Image copyright Mathew
Image caption Mathew was in Asda supermarket in Newport, Wales when he tried to work out which was the better deal.

Peter Allerhand emails: An example of misleading labelling can be found in Waitrose. Check Hellmann's mayonnaise against Waitrose own-brand Essentials mayo. On the comparison price tags, one tells you the price per 100ml and the other the price per 100mg. Is that the same thing? My maths isn't up to it. I asked the staff, and they looked totally blank.

Image copyright @tentiontim
Image caption On Twitter, @tentiontim was in the Hitchin branch of Sainsbury's this month, when he saw this offer.

Mike McAuley emails: I once bought a brand sauce at full price £1.67 from Asda. The same day I spotted the same sauce, same size etc for sale at half price in Tesco. The price at half price £1.69 - 2p more expensive. It was in a prominent position, so people were stocking up thinking it was a good deal.

Image copyright @lizardatkin
Image caption @lizardatkin tweeted about this pic, when she was at Tesco in Nottinghamshire last December and saw these labels.

Jonny emails: I work in a supermarket and the practice there is to list the price per unit/kg/1000g etc for the full price, but where there is a two for £x or other multi-buy, the price per for that offer isn't listed, making it more difficult for customers to work out how good a deal is or whether they are saving just 5p.

Image copyright James George Morrison
Image caption "They blamed the computer and said it was being fixed!" said James George Morrison, who was in Tesco Express in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, when he took this picture a couple of years ago.

Angela Wilson, in London, emails: In relation to pricing tactics, yesterday I had to draw an issue to the attention of staff at my Sainsbury's local in Brixton. Sainsbury's own dishwasher tablets are advertised on the pricing ticket as 30 tablets for £4.40, 14.66p per tablet. Packs of the tablets are above the ticket with only 20 tablets. I asked a member of staff whether the packs of 20 are cheaper, and after a price check discovered they were still £4.40. Presumably the 30 pack has been reduced to a 20 pack and the price has been kept the same, but the mislabelling makes it appear that you would get the 20 pack for less. The pricing ticket was removed when I highlighted the issue.

Image copyright Paul Robinson
Image caption Over in Morrisons in Redditch, Worcestershire, Paul Robinson took this photo when he saw what he thought might be a bargain.

Phil in Reading emails: A couple of months ago I was in a local Morrisons and there were some 'luxury' sausages on sale. There was a deal (2 for £5), which seemed reasonable, but the items I wanted, without the deal, would have only cost £4 (well, £3.98), so I couldn't actually buy two packets without spending £1 more than they actually cost!

Image copyright Marc Sanham
Image caption Marc Sanham tweeted this picture of a one penny off vodka offer, from his local Tesco store in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, which he says has been advertised for the last two weeks.

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