VW diesel drivers 'want compensation'

VW sign and car Image copyright AFP

Nine out of 10 VW diesel owners feel they should receive compensation over the emissions scandal, a consumer group survey suggests.

The survey of 2,033 drivers of these cars by Which? found that 90% of them considered fuel efficiency to be a key factor when buying their car.

Some 90% also thought that environmental impact was important.

VW is reeling from a scandal which saw 1.2 million UK motors, and 11 million globally, fitted with a defeat device.

In the US, this was used to cheat emissions testing.

Letters are being sent to affected drivers in the UK, but this regards potential alterations to the vehicle rather than compensation promises or apologies.

When asked about the potential for compensating customers over lost value to their vehicles, Paul Willis, managing director for Volkswagen's UK operation, told MPs: "I think it is premature to think about that."

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd, said: "Many VW owners tell us they decided to buy their car based on its efficiency and low environmental impact, so it's outrageous that VW are not being clear with their customers about how and when they will be compensated."

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