EU to investigate Volkswagen emissions scandal

vw test Image copyright AP

The European Parliament has voted to set up a committee to investigate the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

The committee will investigate whether regulators failed to prevent the car industry from cheating emissions tests designed to reduce pollution.

The executive branch of the EU, the European Commission, which will be scrutinised as part of the probe, said it would work with the committee.

The parliamentary inquiry could last for up to a year.

It will investigate alleged breaches of European Union law and "maladministration".

Forty-five members of the Parliament will sit on the committee and preside over public hearings of testimony from government, EU and industry representatives.

Volkswagen said in September that it rigged US tests for nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel cars and that up to 11 million vehicles could be fitted with illegal devices capable of cheating tests.

"Defeat devices are banned in EU law," European Commission spokeswoman Lucia Caudet said. "The policing in the area is the responsibility of the appropriate national enforcement authorities."

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