OECD study: Benefits of US recovery not evenly shared

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A report by the OECD says that while the US has rebounded from the global recession, US income inequality continues to increase.

US economic output has jumped 10% past its pre-crisis peak in 2008, outstripping other major economies such as the eurozone.

But OECD secretary general Angel Gurria said the gains from the economic revival are not being evenly shared.

Women and minorities are "faring less well", he said.

Mr Gurria said US politicians should put aside differences and raise the minimum wage, which he called "a good recipe in a number of other countries".

"It doesn't necessarily have to take so much time and so much political acrimony," he said.

The US government should expand the earned income tax credit and help people back to work through skills programmes, he added.

The OECD said increased investments would help strengthen productivity growth.

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