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The goods and commodities shaping global trade


The world has been transformed by international trade.

Networks moving raw materials and goods around the globe have helped make our lives more convenient, more diverse and more interconnected.

So what are the goods and commodities shaping the patterns of global trade, and who is trading with whom? From copper to cocoa, oil and cars, here are some of the important numbers.

media captionThe service sector accounts for 64% of global wealth
media captionWorldwide use of copper has tripled in the last 50 years
media captionChina's quest to rebuild the Silk Road
media captionChina is the world's largest exporting country
media captionHalf the world's cocoa comes from just two countries
media captionSome 95 million cars were manufactured globally last year
media captionFish is one of the most commonly traded food items
media captionThe price of crude oil has seen one of the sharpest booms and busts in modern history
media captionThe world's biggest cargo ships can carry up to 10,000 40ft containers
media captionHow the value of global trade in food is continuing to increase

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