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Cameroon Catalyst

Claire set up the charity to bring people together to help rural Cameroon.
A hat maker in Mozambique turns her hobby into a business
Epifania Stella Ernesto-Gove, in Maputo Mozambique, has turned her hat making hobby into a business.
Tackling Nigeria's housing shortage
Lagos in Nigeria is struggling to cope with the rapid growth and the infrastructure challenges.
Nigerian firms gear up to develop its gas reserves
Nigeria is a major oil producer but also has huge gas reserves that local firms are now developing.
'Now, it's all about made in Nigeria'
Fashion boss Folake Coker says consumer perceptions about African-made fashion are changing.

Identifying Africa's 'best and brightest'

A Nigerian teenager is trying to identify a community of high potential young Africans
Nigerian Kennedy Ekezie, who’s 19, is starting a world tour visiting 20 cities in 12 weeks to find the best young Africans for his organisation - Africave. It's a talent-development enterprise that seeks to develop Africa's elite young talent and combat negative stereotypes. 

(Kennedy Ekezie receiving the Queen’s Young Leaders Award from Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace. Credit: British Ceremonial Arts Ltd.)