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Housing - In Context

  • Key and key ringWhere we live

    What is the bigger picture for the UK housing market?

  • estateThen and now

    The estate were prices have soared by 7,000% since 1964


  • Renting exampleWhere can I afford to live?

    A new BBC housing calculator that helps you find out where in the UK you can afford to live.

  • Help to Buy scheme in windowQ&A: Help to Buy

    The government says that its Help to Buy scheme will assist people who can afford mortgage repayments but are struggling to raise a deposit, so how will it work?

  • House soldBuying your first property

    Home-buying can be a daunting process but knowing who does what can make it less stressful.

  • BoltHow to deal with mortgage issues

    Where to go for help when facing mortgage arrears and home repossession

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