BBC Ouch wants your stories

Ouch storytelling event March 2017

BBC Ouch wants your funny, confusing or embarrassing stories about those awkward situations which occurred because you're disabled or have mental health difficulties.

Re-live those unique moments at Tales of the Misunderstood - a live storytelling event this summer.

Maybe the witty story you told about losing your leg in a shark attack back-fired, when your boss - having believed it to be true - retold it at a conference.

The time the waiter gave you a children's menu at a dinner because you're a person with restricted growth.

Or how friends and colleagues awkwardly edit out words like mad or crazy because they know you see a therapist.

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We know your story is likely to be more fascinating than our examples here and we're looking forward to hearing them.

Whatever the tale, we're interested. All we ask is that the story is true, you are disabled or have a mental health difficulty, and that your story incorporates this.

If chosen, you'll get to work with a top comedy script producer and perform it in front of an audience at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August.

Want to give it a go?

Write up your story and send it to us - by 9 July - along with some information about yourself.

If you just want to do a summary for now, that's fine, but the people who got through last time mostly submitted long stories in their first email.

Email ouch@bbc.co.uk or direct message us on Facebook.

If you have a great story, but need some "access" to tell it, we'll work with you to improve and communicate it.

The final story will need to last about seven minutes. It could be funny like stand-up or an engaging insight into something the audience may not have thought about.

As well as performing it to a friendly crowd, we'll also be filming it for the BBC.

This is the second time we've put on a storytelling event, the first was in March 2017.

Have a look at two of the acts from the first show in London - where many of those taking part had never performed on stage before.

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Media captionJohn Servante at the Ouch Storytelling event - March 2017
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Media captionGeorgie Morrell at the Ouch Storytelling event - March 2017

Remember the deadline for your stories is 9 July.

If we like yours we'll be in touch to let you know the next step.

Accommodation is available if you are coming a long way, and travel funding is available if you are based in the UK.

We will endeavour to assist with all access needs. And we can answer any questions via the aforementioned email address too.

Please share this on social media - especially with those you know who can tell a good story.

Bookmark this page and keep across Facebook for updates about being an Ouch storyteller and how to get free tickets.

What Ouch's storytelling team said about being part of our first live event:

"Performing for the all-embracing BBC Ouch! audience has encouraged me to be courageous and creative in response to my difficulties, opening up a whole world of opportunities. The experience has taught me that sharing stories about our disabilities is something we owe not just to ourselves, but to each other."

(John Servante)

"Disabled people are uniquely placed to tell stories about people, kindnesses and weirdness ... but often these stories remain within disability circles and don't get out there for everyone to wonder at."

(Damon Rose, Ouch editor)

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